Horta Airport (HOR)
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(Horta, Faial Island, Azores Autonomous Region)

Home to a two storey, single-terminal facility, Horta Airport (HOR) is situated approximately 10 km / 6 miles from Horta city, on the south-east coast of Faial Island and close to Atalaia, Castelo Branco, Feteira and Santa Catarina. Considered by the Aeroportos de Portugal to be the most noteworthy hub within the whole of the central group of the Azores Islands, Horta Airport serves over 200,000 passengers per annum, with two gates and six check-in desks.

Regular flights connect with destinations throughout the Azores by SATA Air Açores airlines, linking destinations such as Ponta Delgada and Corvo Island. Two daily flights between Horta Airport and Lisbon are also available.

Travel is simple between Horta city and the airport, by both taxi and rental car, with signposts clearly marking the main road. Taxis are available from outside the terminal and three car rental companies operate from within the airport terminal itself.

About Horta Tourism

The smallest of the three central islands in the Azores, Faial is the main hub and has many old shops and restaurants. Particular attractions include an extinct volcano crater (Caldeira do Faial), three operational Dutch windmills, Horta Museum, Sao Salvador Church and the beachfront next to Porto Palm Bay. Filled with impressive yachts, the marina is famous for sea mariner frescoes and is used as a meeting point for 'Sea Wolves' crossing the Atlantic.

Horta Airport (HOR) lies on the southern coast of Faial Island, directly west of Horta and next to the Porto de Castelo Branco. The airport is also close to Feteira, the Porto do Forte, the Morro de Castelo Branco, and Flamengos. Nearby and on the northern side of Faial are the resorts of Praia do Norte, Cedros, Salao and Ribeirinha.

Contact Horta Airport (HOR):
Address: Faial Island, Azores Autonomous Region
Airport Code: HOR
Tel: +351 292 943 511
Fax: +351 292 943 519
Email: contactar@ana.pt
Horta Airport HOR

Horta Airport HOR

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